Culinary Recipes from a Botanical Perfumer
The Fragrant Kitchen Cookbook by Kirsten Schilling of Arabesque Aromas.

Cover image from The Fragrant Kitchen Cookbook, 2014. “Peasants Breaking Bread.” Livre du Roi Modus et de la Reine Ratio, 14th century.

Collection: Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France.

The Fragrant Kitchen Cookbook © published in December 2014, is a labor of love that I been writing in both heart and mind for many years now.  It features a beautiful introduction by my friend and mentor, Suzanne Catty. The black and white cookbook is 76 pages in length, spiral-bound with approximately 45 recipes to suit vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.


My recipes have a simple, earthy, Mediterranean emphasis to them and the cookbook features aromatic tips and recipes that are a meaningful part of my own daily life and seasonal cycles.

The book is illustrated by beautiful 14th century images taken from a medieval herbal on health and well-being, The Tacuinum Sanitatis.

And at the back of the book is a rich Resources section with information on where to get aromatic supplies and ingredients, a list of my favorite cookbooks and aromatic research books, helpful organizations of interest, shopping tips for avoiding GMOs in your cooking, advice re: leftovers and etc.

Calendula petals for natural recipes and cooking.

Image: Organic, fragrant, edible, delicious Calendula petals harvested from my garden. 2015. KS.

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