Natural Botanical Perfume Fragrance - Veriditas, 2009.

The Arabesque Aromas Botanical Perfume Collection

The botanical perfumes and perfume samples with links are ready and available to ship. If there is an Arabesque scent you adore that is not currently featured in the shop, email me with your custom request.

2015 The Temple of Flora, The One Thousand and One Nights, The Awakening


2014 Virelai, and The Sainted Scents Collection featuring: Saint Bega of Bees, Christina the Astonishing, Melangell of the Hares, Joan of Arc


2013 The Passion, The Man of the Woods, and The Arthurian Collection featuring: Merlin the Bard, King Arthur, Morgaine of the Faeries, The Lady of the Lake


2012 The Awakening, Alexandria, Kyphi, Drann, The Star Seller, The Holly, Moss and Ivy, The Song of Solomon Anointing Oil, Labdanum & Ambergris Eau de Parfum


2011 Orlando, The Virgin and the Gipsy, Serafina Eau de Parfum, Elysium Eau de Parfum


2010 The Golden Bough, Veriditas, The Heart Illumined

2004 – 2009 Magdalen Rose Anointing Oil, The Green Mantle, The Bona Fortuna botanical charm, Queen of Hungary Water, Kyphi incense adaptation from a 2nd century Syrian recipe


2001 – 2004 Rose Petal Incense made in the Elizabethan fashion, The Sachet Powder in which Queen Isabella Packed Her Dresses circa 1562.

Natural Botanical Perfume Sample by Arabesque Aromas.