Behind every Arabesque Aromas scent lies a story…

Drawing on inspiration and methods from history, I only ever use pure, plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils in my creations. (Ambergris is the exception to this.)


My preferred carrier oil is Organic Golden Jojoba Oil and I also like to use organic or wildcrafted essential oils whenever possible.


View Arabesque Aroma’s botanical perfume collection here.

Some Etsy customer feedback re:
Arabesque Aromas Botanical Perfumes


“Steeped in history, the added meaning transports or even introduces the wearer to a unique sensory experience. Christina, one of the Sainted Scents fragrances, is a standout. It’s clean yet complex and the context contributes to an allure that cannot be replicated. The other perfumes are time machines, guiding us through another time or (mind) place.”




“Your perfumes are like liquid poetry!”




Kirsten is a magical alchemistress; I have to keep from losing my wits and wildly ordering everything in her shop each time I indulge! From her exquisitely handmade (and gorgeously packaged) creations to her incredibly beautiful spirit, I cannot recommend Arabesque Aromas enough.”